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Packers fans turn to the radio to share their heartbreak

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After the Packers fell to the Vikings and Aaron Rodgers’ injury, fans are turning to the radio to share their thoughts and opinions.

105.7 “The Fan” scrapped all of their scheduled segments Monday morning to focus on the Packers. The Chuck & Winkler co-hosts say they've received more calls from listeners than on a usual day.

Dozens of fans called in to share their opinions on Rodgers' injury and what's next for the Packers. Co-host Bart Winkler says radio is a great outlet for fans to let out some steam. 

He says fans are remaining mostly positive, but some are heartbroken.

“'It’s difficult,” Co-Host Bart Winkler said, “We have people calling in this morning that seems like all hope could be lost, but this Packers team should be good enough to win a few more games.”

Next, Green Bay will play New Orleans on October 22.

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