Packers fans react to news that Aaron Rodgers wants out

NOW: Packers fans react to news that Aaron Rodgers wants out

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Whether you were at the grocery store, on a patio today or simply online, the talk was all about Aaron Rodgers Thursday, April 29.

As one of the most talked about quarterbacks of our time, you can bet everybody’s got an opinion about this, but united they stand in saying it’s been a good run.

Milwaukee sounded off on 1250AM The Fan with calls and tweets in the hours after the story broke.

“Mike tweets in, says Packers fans can’t be angry at Rodgers. The front office gave Rodgers a gun and loaded it for him,” Afternoon Show Host Ramie Mahklouf read on the air Thursday afternoon.

“I’m ready for it if that’s gonna be the case because I’m a Packer fan, not an Aaron Rodgers fan,” said Ivan, who called in to the show.

“The wounds are fresh, but when everything heals up and the dust starts to settle, you should feel like Irv did,” said Mahklouf.

“What’s the overall feeling from fans? Fear. I think it’s fear, fear of losing your once in a generation quarterback.,” said Evan Heffelfinger, afternoon show producer.

“I don’t believe that Aaron Rodgers is leaving the Packers,” said fan Dave Schneider.

Others say he’s not coming back, guaranteed.

“Not when he has a Hollywood girlfriend. She could be easily persuading him to be going elsewhere (gestures with hand),” said fan Stephanie Larson.

“It’s all about money," said fan Jim Vogel. "Yeah, he just wants to get paid."

“He wants to win more championships, and I think like I said, him seeing what happened with Tom Brady has him thinking like look, give me this, give me this, or give me that or I’m leaving,” said DJ Gee-A.

There’s also talk from fans about how much newbie Jordan Love played into all of this, just like Aaron Rodgers did when he was brought in while Brett Favre was their star quarterback.

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