Packers-Bears rivalry playing out on the field and off

NOW: Packers-Bears rivalry playing out on the field and off

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The rivalry is playing out on the field for the Packers-Bears game, but also between fans.

Usually Lambeau is a sea of green and gold. For this game however, some blue and orange blurred the stands of Lambaeu.

Marriages, friendships, and coworkers were all split today in the name of football.

"We figured if we're going to come to a win, it would be a Bears game."

Some packers fans had some choice words for the bears.

"Go Pack Go! Yeah! Bears...I can't say that word."

But for the most part, Packers and Bears fans appeared to get along.

"This is my lovely wife June."

Just not today. We asked a Bears fan if it was difficult being married to a Packers fan. "Oh yeah. Two weeks a year, very difficult."

Friends Nick and Jon feel the same way.

"This rivalry isn't working. I'd say we fought most of the way up."

Another border battle isn't too far away. Packer backers can follow their team to Soldier Field for Game 10 in November. 

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