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Overcoming adversity: Derrick Tindal returns home to take on Miami Hurricanes

Camp Randall Stadium is Derrick Tindal's second home. His first home, in Fort Lauderdale, almost walking distance from the sight of Saturday's Orange Bowl.

"It's going to be epic. I mean, the whole family is coming out. We've already purchased like 60-something tickets already," Derrick Tindal Sr. said.

But, Tindal's mother will only be with the family in spirit. Regina Singletary lost a battle with cancer during Tindal Junior's freshman season.

"I didn't know if I wanted to play football anymore when that happened with my mom," Derrick Tindal Jr. said. 

"Calling him, making sure he was ok. Sometimes, I would call him and he wouldn't field my phone calls, he wouldn't pick up. I told him that you have to keep pushing because it's something she would have wanted," Tindal Sr. said.

Tindal Jr. thought about walking away from the UW program but family sticks together.

"The guys were there for me. I really appreciate that and that just made me come back," Tindal Jr. said.

Three years later, Tindal Jr. is a senior leader on one of the nation's best defenses and his reward? A trip out of the snow and into the sun for one final game. A true homegame where hard learned lessons will be tested one final time.

The Tindal family has bought nearly every seat in four rows of Section 315. Derrick Junior will have family support aplenty. 

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