Over 400 Violations This Memorial Day Weekend

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office increased its patrols during the Memorial Day weekend to ensure that the freeway, lakefront and parks were free from crime and disorder. In total, 418 citations were issued for various violations of the law. 

Coinciding with this weekend’s enforcement operation, the Sheriff's Office “Operation Drive Sober” campaign was also deployed, targeting impaired drivers on our freeway system and roadways in surrounding municipalities. From Friday through Monday, eight people were arrested for Driving Under the Influence.  The average prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC) level was .16, twice the legal limit.

Repeat offenders arrested for their third offense were Hugo Milan, age 26, of Milwaukee, and Mark Bindas, age 44, of St. Francis.  Thomas Mackie, age 27, of Wauwatosa, was arrested for DUI-2nd.  

A captain with the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, Houston Jamison, age 30, of Oak Creek, was arrested with a .19 PAC.  Other first-time offenders cited were Milwaukee residents Jamil Tubbs, age 24; Sarah Quist, age 27; Jamie Trudell, age 25; and Timothy Beisser, age 25.

The weekend totals are as follows:

 Lakefront / Parks

Wingdings\">§  1 DUI arrest

Wingdings\">§  42 citations

o   10 county ordinance

o   7 seatbelt violations

o   5 license violations

o   20 misc. moving/non-moving violations


Milwaukee County Freeway System

Wingdings\">§  7 DUI arrests

Wingdings\">§  167 speeding violations

§  34 operating while suspended/revoked/without a driver’s license

Wingdings\">§  29 seatbelt violation

Wingdings\">§  119 misc. moving/non-moving violations

Wingdings\">§  2 county ordinance

Wingdings\">§  23 crashes with damage to vehicle only

Wingdings\">§  2 crashes with personal injuries (all minor)


Total Traffic Stops = 294 (10pm Fri to 7am Tues)

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