"Our town, our crew, our MVP:" Local artist paints Brewers mural in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood

NOW: “Our town, our crew, our MVP:“ Local artist paints Brewers mural in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One local artist is taking the Brewers motto seriously. 'Our town, our crew, our MVP' is now solidified on a mural in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood. 

Brewers fans can't get enough of Christian Yelich. The artist of this mural wants to bring fans even closer to the MVP hopeful.

"The Cerveceros, once a year the Milwaukee Brewers do one game to honor Hispanic culture and giving this was a very Hispanic neighborhood, I thought it was just important to put it in there," said Shawn DeKay, Artist.

Arist Shawn DeKay owns the coffee shop around the corner and has been working on the mural for three days.

It shows  #22 Christian Yelich high-fiving a teammate. It's still not 100% done but Shawn says it's photo ready.

"I actually called in a friend of mine to help me with some of the issues, she's a great portrait artist and she came by and helped me smooth out some of the lips and the small details and we made it work," DeKay said.

What inspired him? He was watching a Brewers game and decided to take it one step further to cheer on the team.

"If you can't afford a ticket, get in the stadium, walk down a public alley or street and feel like you're part of it, take a picture in front of the mural, something for the public, something to be a part of it," said DeKay.

If you want to come down and take a photo, the mural is on 3rd and National.

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