Orionid Meteor Shower will be Visible Wednesday Night

The annual Orionid meteor shower will be visible tonight.  The clouds are expected to gradually thin and clear later tonight, and that should correspond nicely to the best viewing time between Midnight and 4 am.

The earth is passing through the stream of debris left by Haley's Comet.  Best of all there is a new moon, so there shouldn't be moonlight to contaminate the viewing.  To find the meteors look for the constellation Orion.  That will be the radiant point of the meteor shower.  You can find Orion in the southeastern sky.

The number of meteors you’ll see in any meteor shower always varies greatly depending on when and where you watch. Meteor showers are not entirely predictable. That’s the fun of them! At most – on a moon-free night – you might see about 20 meteors per hour, or one meteor every few minutes, during the Orionid peak. 

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