Reflecting on a historic win: Original Bucks broadcaster, minority owner share their thoughts

NOW: Reflecting on a historic win: Original Bucks broadcaster, minority owner share their thoughts

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two well-known Bucks fans sat down with us Wednesday to talk about what went right this year, and why they believe the Bucks have what it takes for a repeat.

The new commemorative shirt's got a buck on the front, saying "2x NBA Champions." The original Bucks broadcaster thinks we could make it three.

Back in the 70s, when you watched a Bucks game, Eddie Doucette was behind the mic.

"Those were the happiest days of my career, and a long career. When they ask me about Milwaukee I say, you don't understand what a great sports town Milwaukee is. It's been a magical story, and it went from championship early to 50 years later, championship again. I mean it's a movie, come on now!" said Doucette.

We also got to talk to the only Black female owner of the Bucks, Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter. She was among a packed house inside the forum.

"I got to tell you, it was ecstatic in the place. There was so much energy in that bowl last night, until it was electrified," Dr. Daniels-Carter said.

Dr. Carter met us at her latest gift to Milwaukee.

"And I think what you're seeing is Holy Redeemer turning a plighted neighborhood into an oasis," said Dr. Carter.

The Institute for the Preservation of African American Music and Arts on Hampton will have a soft opening next month, likely with a tribute to her beloved Bucks.

"Oh you know we're gonna get something on up in here. There's not even a question," Dr. Carter said.

Doucette says there are a lot of people to thank today, starting with the original Bucks ownership and those who brought our key players here.

"If they do the right thing, keep this team together, this team could win a couple more, cause they've got that kind of personnel," said Doucette.

"If you give people hope, if you give people desire and a reason to be attached and celebrate, they'll come and celebrate just like you saw that last night," said Dr. Carter.

With the win Tuesday night and a parade on Thursday, the Deer District's been a busy place, as fans live in the moment and celebrate history being made right here.

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