Organizers say Milwaukee's Memorial Day Parade is coming to an end

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee tradition dating back more than 150 years is coming to an end. 

Organizers of Milwaukee's annual Memorial Day Parade say they are ending it.

They say costs are rising and support and enthusiasm are diminishing for the event. 

Covid shelved the parade the last two Memorial Days, but a statement released Tuesday sounds more permanent.

They say they've tried to keep it running, but they've exhausted all their options.

A statement from Milwaukee Memorial Day Parade Chair Karen Armstrong says in part, "The volunteers whom have run the parade for some 30 years have tried their best to maintain such an important event for our community, but have exhausted the options available to try and keep it running. Our motto to 'Honor the dead by serving the living' will be carried on through other means, because those veterans whom have made the ultimate sacrifice truly deserve our respect and remembrance regardless of the setting."

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