Organizers hold voting rights rally in Milwaukee Sunday

NOW: Organizers hold voting rights rally in Milwaukee Sunday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Members of the Fighting For Our Vote Coalition held a rally Sunday, August 22, to mobilize voters and combat voter suppression.

Hundreds of activists came out in support of raising awareness for the need for new federal and state voting rights protection.

Local leaders gave remarks about how statehouses nationwide are disenfranchising voters by imposing identification requirements and restricting access to vote early by mail.

Organizers say lawmakers have failed to provide strong voting rights protections, institute early voting and increase access to polling sites.

"We have a responsibility to show up," said Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes. "We have a responsibility to continue this fight, because from the mid-1960's when we had Voting Rights Act finally pass up until today, we found ourselves going backwards with this out-of-control Supreme Court."

Over the next year, the coalition will coordinate a mass mobilization effort to raise more awareness about voter suppression.

The next rallies for the group will be in Detroit and Washington D.C.

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