One on one interview with Jason Kidd's wife

You may remember the “first lady” for the Milwaukee Bucks spoke with CBS 58 earlier this year, and Porschla Kidd said she was going to be the loudest Bucks fan at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

At the Bucks home opener Friday night, CBS 58 caught up with Porschla Kidd to see if she would keep her word.

Porschla Kidd showed off team spirit at Friday's home opener.

\"I'm loud man, said Porschla Kidd. I'm loud. But sometimes, I try to edit myself a little bit. Because my husband can hear me, and he gives me the look back. Ok, now I have to shut up.\"

Porschla Kidd walked into the BMO Harris Bradley Center with an entourage of cameras and producers.

She's in the early stages of putting together a pilot episode for a reality TV show.

\"Our family and the move, said Kidd. Our family and how we live life on a daily.\"

Porschla Kidd told CBS 58 the move from New York to Milwaukee has been a great one.

She loves the town, the people, and definitely the basketball team.

However, she was a little bashful when asked this question.

\"Who's your favorite player? I can't say that, said Kidd.I think they're all great. They're all great. I don't have a favorite. I love all of them.\"

On Halloween night, Porschla walked into the Bradley Center in normal attire.

“I know, I know. I will dress up after the game. We're going home, getting dressed, and then we're hitting the hitting the town.\"

Porschla Kidd told CBS 58 she will dress up as a clown for Halloween.

The full interview with Porschla Kidd can be found here.

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