"One lucky man:” West Allis man wins $768M jackpot, residents and mayor react

“One lucky man: ” West Allis man wins $768M jackpot, residents and mayor react

WEST ALLIS (CBS 58) -- Manuel Franco from West Allis won the $768 million Powerball jackpot. He’s most likely the wealthiest person in the city.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Franco broke it to the New Berlin residents that he actually lives in West Allis and bought the ticket on his way home from work.

“I know a lot of people from New Berlin wanted that but that’s not the case. I am actually from West Allis and it’s been my home for a while,” said Franco.

The last time someone from West Allis won a large sum of money was in 2012. A woman won $1 million playing the Powerball.

At the press conference, Franco says he’s going to take time off to assess what he will do with the money. 

“He’s taking a good patient approach and letting it all settle in and he seems well-rounded,” said West Allis Mayor Dan Devine.

West Allis is home to about 60,000 people. For people who live and work here, it makes winning seem a little more possible.

“I was surprised, he’s young. He’s one lucky man,” said Antonio Escobedo, works in West Allis.

It had everyone around town talking and asking if they knew him.

West Allis Mayor Dan Devine says six of his friends from around the state texted him asking, “do you know him?”

“I don’t but if he needs a new best friend I am here,” Devine said jokingly. 

With Franco coming forward, this is bringing more attention to the city. 

“I’m sure people now are trying to figure out where West Allis is and what it’s about,” said Devine.

While it’s still unclear what he will do with the money, some hope he stays in Wisconsin.

“Good for him and hopefully the money stays in the community,” said Escobedo.

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