One local clothier makes it his business to 'dress you up right,' even in a pandemic

NOW: One local clothier makes it his business to ’dress you up right,’ even in a pandemic

DELAFIELD (CBS 58)--Many times our first and perhaps lasting impression of someone is how they look, not what they say. This is why dressing for success is so important to keep in mind. Joel T. Patton is a local clothier, and his job is to make sure you look your best with what you’re wearing. He says the key is to make sure your clothes actually fit right. He does fittings with clients. But even before this step…he has to get a sense of who he’s working with and what they want to achieve in terms of a fashion sense.

Patton also recommends being versatile with the clothes you buy. In other words, have the ability to mix and match. On average it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to custom make clothes for clients whether it’s casual wear or something more formal. To learn more about what this stylist does or it you’d like to utilize his services, just click here.

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