One-eyed kitten seeks home

This handsome little fella is Beethoven. A woman found the 7-week-old kitten wandering her back yard and brought him to the Wisconsin Humane Society Racine Campus earlier this fall. We quickly noticed that his right eye was horribly infected and the left was in bad shape, so our veterinary team set to work to ease his discomfort. The right eye was beyond repair and was removed, while the left had been damaged by his own eyelashes, causing an ulcer and scarring on the cornea, so we corrected the eyelid to minimize future complications. After recovering in the comfort of a foster home, Beethoven's back and ready to find a family of his own! The remaining sight in his left eye is not completely normal, but he does have some vision. In all other ways, Beethoven is a normal, playful, affectionate kitten who simply wants someone to love. We know it's a busy time of year, but if even just a fraction of our amazing followers share this little guy's post, we bet we can find Beethoven a home in time for the holidays!

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