One dead, one rescued from house fire in Milwaukee's north side

NOW: One dead, one rescued from house fire in Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – The fire department recued two people from a house fire on the city’s north side early Tuesday morning.

Parts of the home have now been boarded up. Neighbors told CBS58 they saw a man yelling for help from the porch roof.

“I actually heard it because I was in my room sleeping,” says Ladaija Jackson, who lives next door to the impacted home.

Crews were called to the home near 16th and Hadley around 4:30 Tuesday morning.

“Once I opened the door I saw the man up there so I woke up my mom to tell her there was somebody on the roof,” explains Jackson. “So we had to call the police and the ambulance.”

Fire officials say they pulled two adult men from the home. One was found unresponsive in a bedroom on the second floor, he did not survive.

“Everybody was coming,” says Jackson. “Somebody tried to run up to the porch and kick in the door, and we were like no don’t do that, you’ll make it worse. In the nick of time firefighter and everybody was here.”

Firefighters say the man rescued from the porch roof told them it was the smoke alarms that woke him up.

“That was the first thing I went to check when I heard there was a house fire, was that my smoke detectors were working,” says Donald Johnson who lives nearby.

The fire department canvassed the neighborhood, checking smoke detectors and offering free ones.

“It’s a tragic loss,” says Johnson. “Everybody needs to check their smoke detectors.”

The Milwaukee Fire Department offers smoke detectors for free for people in the county; they can also go to your home and install them. All you have to do is give them a call, (414)286-8980.

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