One day after medical examiner's office confirms a carfentanil death, two more are reported

One day after the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office confirms a carfentanil death, two more are reported.

48-year-old James Kinnee died from an overdose of carfentanil last month at a home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Now the Medical Examiner is investigating two more confirmed deaths from the drug.

The Medical Examiner warns this likely isn't the last time that we'll hear about someone in the area ODing on carfentanil.

\"It's such a potent compound so I believe that we may see it in more decedents if it's getting into this area, if it's getting into that drug mixture, I would not be surprised to find more cases that have that in it.\"

The Medical Examiner's Office says Milwaukee County is on track to log more than 400 drug-related deaths this year. 

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