One Candy Maker Hopes Weather Patterns Won't Sour Its Industry

Just in time for Halloween.  An interesting story for candy lovers.

Research indicates global climate change could impact the world's supply of chocolate.  So, Mars Chocolate, the maker of candy brands like M&M, Snickers, and Dove has a small team of meteorologists studying how weather impacts the chocolate business. The scientists look at current weather patterns and then study upcoming events that could create issues, like delayed shipping because of storms.  

Most of the almonds going into Mars products are grown in California.  So, the researchers study both El Nino and La Nina patterns to predict whether the almonds will get water they need.

In terms of the chocolate, cocoa farmers face a higher risk of disease, flooding, and landslides as a result of climate change.  It could cause areas, once deemed optimal for growing, as not usable.  

Meantime, Mars is working to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions with a pledge to cut all greenhouses gases by 2040.

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