Ohio Cheerleaders Display Racially Offensive Banner at Football Game

DAYTON, Ohio -- (CBS NEWSParents of students at an Ohio high school are seeking answers from school administrators after cheerleaders displayed what parents describe as a racially charged sign during a Friday night football game, CBS affiliate WHIO reports

The breakaway banner held by the cheerleaders of Greenfield-McClain High School on the field during their home game against the Hillsboro Indians read, “Hey Indians, Get Ready for A Trail of TEARS Part 2.”

Late Friday, the school issued an apology on its Facebook page regarding the sign only to remove it shortly thereafter. Parents claim the apologetic post was removed after they posted comments asking if faculty members had to approve banners or signs before their use on the field.

Two parents told WHIO-TV shortly after the apology was deleted they were blocked from posting to the school’s Facebook page altogether.

Late Saturday, the school issued an apology.

“A horrific mistake was made,” the school said in a statement. “A sign was created out of ignorance, not hate.” 

Greenfield-McClain High’s principal, Jason Potts, emailed the apology to two Hillsboro-based newspapers, some 60 miles east of Cincinnati. It pledged that the school would partner with local organizations to further educate students about “atrocities faced by both the Native American and African-American cultures.” 

The statement expressed “deepest sympathy” to those of Indian and African-American descent, and “a sincere apology” to the communities, families and students of Hillsboro, Greenfield and elsewhere. 

The statement said the school was investigating how “this deplorable situation” happened and will take appropriate action.

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