Officials: MPD employee killed by neighbor during dispute over grass clippings

Officials: MPD employee killed by neighbor during dispute over grass clippings

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A 65-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged in the shooting death of Milwaukee Police Department community service officer Naeem Sarosh.  

MPD held a procession for Sarosh Wednesday, Sept. 2 near 67th and Fairview.

People stood by and watched as officers took their place.

Mohammed Afzal, 65, faces first degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon in connection to his death. 

An investigation revealed Sarosh and Afzal lived next door to each other. Both families, according to a criminal complaint, told investigators they are friendly and on good terms with one another -- but "for some reason" Afzal did not like Sarosh. 

The criminal complaint says on Monday night, Aug. 31, Sarosh knocked on Afzal's door to discuss grass clippings that had been left on his yard after the Afzal family had cut their grass. 

While the two were talking, Afzal shot Sarosh. 

Surveillance video captured the shooting. Investigators say it shows Sarosh standing near Afzal's door when he fired the gun. Sarosh is then seen running down the driveway toward his own house when Afzal fired a second shot. 

Afzal provided a statement to detectives and in it he admitted to shooting Sarosh, who he said was on his driveway "complaining about the grass." Afzal stated Sarosh had his hands in his pockets and he thought he had a gun, "so he shot him." 

After shooting Sarosh, Afzal said he went inside, put his gun away, and changed clothes because he knew police would be coming for him. 

"There's a million guns in this town," said Bradley Dodd. "I can't tell you how many guns in this town. Nobody needs them. Put them down."

Afzal is due in court for an initial hearing Sept. 2. 

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