Officials in Pewaukee Mull Over Suggestion for Smoking Ban in Parks

There aren't a lot of public places where you can legally smoke anymore. In Pewaukee, there's a proposal to ban puffing in parks.

Pewaukee's Joint park and Recreation Board are mulling over a decision to ban smoking at all parks. Finding cigarette butts in the sand is not an uncommon sight for some parents. The Executive Director of Parks and Recreation Services says the number of smoking related complaints at parks, especially at the beach increases every year. Parents say if there's a ban,their kids will be able to enjoy the parks more.

"I prefer that they not see people smoking, just because they always ask about it. They ask questions. They see that potentially as a role model or something that's normal, which I don't want them to see," says parent Andrew Neeb.

Nearby cities like Waukesha and cities within Milwaukee county do not currently have a smoking ban. Wednesday night's meeting is just a discussion, and no final decisions will be made at this time.

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