Officials Emphasize So-Called School Takeover is State Law, Not Choice

CBS 58—On Thursday night, the community got to learn more about a plan to fix failing Milwaukee schools.

Milwaukee's County Executive, Chris Abele and the commissioner of the Opportunity Schools Partnership Program participated in a town hall, put on by the Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope.

Dozens of people showed up holding signs saying ‘Stop the Takeover’, upset that the program will completely remove public schools form the district. Abele and Dr. Means emphasized that is not what they want.

Dr. Means has proposed a partnership with MPS, but the school board has not decided if they will participate.

“We have committed to having quarterly meetings with the board, the full board of education at MPS,” Dr. Means said.

No matter what, next school year one Milwaukee public school will be part of program.

At the town hall several people asked the question-will teachers at the OSPP school keep their jobs. Abele says yes.

“All MPS employees still salaries, benefits, you can still be union members, all of that,” Abele said. “We're not taking buildings.”

And both Abele and Dr. Means explained that this was not their idea.

“What we're trying to do is implement a law that we didn't draft,” Dr. Means said. “And we're trying to implement it in the most reasonable way possible.”

The school that will be part of the program hasn't been determined yet. The Milwaukee school board has until June 23 to decide if they will enter in to the partnership. 

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