Off-Duty Officer Spots 14-Year-Old Hiding in the Woods with a Knife

An off duty police officer found a 14-year-old in Washington County hiding in the woods with a knife.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the officer caught motion in the ditch line of Cty Tk NN and Cty Tk M on 9/19/16 at 12:02 am while driving by.

The subject was holding a knife as the officer approached him, but dropped it immediately when told to do so.

Upon the deputy’s arrival, the subject was calm and compliant.

The subject was identified as a local 14-year-old that had a disagreement with his parents earlier in the day and decided to go sleep in the woods for a day or two.

He had the knife with him for protection from any animals he may have encountered rather than harming himself or anyone else.

He was taken home and reunited with his parents who had been sleeping when the juvenile left.

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