Off duty Milwaukee detective helps save baby

MILWAUKEE-A Milwaukee detective on his way home from work ended up coming to the rescue of an infant in need.

\"I see this lady who's frantically asking people to stop,\" Detective Terrence Wright recalled. \"She gets to my car. I see the baby in her arms who appears to be like a rag doll. He wasn't moving at all. I knew she needed help.\"

Detective Wright says he gave the baby a couple of thrusts to his back right there at the intersection of Wells and James Lovell and sure enough the baby boy started breathing again.

Another off duty Detective Raena Melk pulled up and called 911.

By that time,  Firefighter Patrick Stolzman in a nearby firehouse heard the screams and was running towards the woman.

\"It's always a little more nerve wracking when you have a child,\" Stolzman told CBS 58. \"You know how innocent they are and you want to help.\"

\"When I got home I didn't think about it,\" Detective Wright added. \"The next day when I heard people talking about it and it set in, wow, you helped a woman save her child.\"

While it's generating a lot of talk, no hero treatment for Firefighter Stolzman who was back at kitchen duty at the fire house.

But he did say he got a nice thank you note from the parents. 

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