'Nothing can keep us down': Local Jewish community reacts to California synagogue shooting

NOW: ’Nothing can keep us down’: Local Jewish community reacts to California synagogue shooting

BAYSIDE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's Jewish community says the shooting that took place at a California synagogue is heartbreaking and devastating.

The Shul Center in Bayside is part of the same network of Chabad synagogues as the one in Poway, California where a gunman opened fire during prayer on Passover.

“We really thought this was a thing of the past, but unfortunately this is a reality today," said Rabbi Cheski Edelman, director of The Shul Bayside.

According to authorities, 60-year-old Lori Kaye was killed, and three others were hurt, including Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who was shot in the hand.

News of the shooting is difficult for local worshippers. Many have a close connection to Goldstein’s daughter, who recently lived in the area. "His daughter worked for our synagogue last year. She worked for the Hebrew school, she was a wonderful teacher," Edelman said.

The California shooting happened just six months after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre where 11 people died.

Since then, leaders at The Shul have put new security measures in place to help prevent something similar from happening.

"We have armed security outside of our building at all services and programs, we have new locks, we have a new security system of cameras throughout the building, outside the building."

The Bayside Police Department has access to the cameras any time of day.

Despite the tragedies, Rabbi Edelman said the community remains strong. “Nothing can keep us down,” he said. “This is not representative of the country. This is not some type of trend.”

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