'Not on my watch': New program empowers Milwaukee residents to take back their neighborhoods

’Not on my watch’: New program empowers Milwaukee residents to take back their neighborhoods

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new program by Milwaukee leaders aims to help residents improve and fight crime in their own neighborhoods.

“Not on my block. Not on my watch will such things happen," said Milwaukee 6th district alderwoman Milele Coggs.

Coggs and Ald. Russell Stamper, II are leading the charge to empower local residents.

“We’re encouraging residents to be nosey. We’re encouraging residents to work with one another because the most important element of the Alert Neighbor Program is neighbors becoming organized and communicating with one another," said Coggs.

The Alert Neighbor Program will help residents create and launch safety strategies that work best for where they live.

Right now, the pilot program is in these five districts and 15 neighborhoods.

Some of the focuses will be: reporting criminal activity, planning improvement projects and holding regular meetings.

“We’re a very safe neighborhood I’ll say, before, but recently there has been drug dealing going on," said Halyard Park resident Lennie Mosely. "So I hope this program will get rid of those problems.”

The program comes with funding for each community.

To help increase safety it will provide money for items such as lighting and Ring security cameras for residents who opt in.

“Every neighborhood should know who their (police) captain is, their CPU unit is and their liaison for the police department because the police respond to the ones who call and are the most active," said Stamper, II.

The alders say they, and those involved in the program, will closely monitor how it deters crime and impacts each community.

The first installation of neighborhood cameras is this weekend.

For more information on the Alert Neighbor Program, click here.

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