Northern Utah Town Selling Alcohol for First Time

(KUTV) The Maverik convenience store in Hyde Park, has been selling beer since Thursday. It's a first for the town of about 4,000 residents, which has banned the sale of alcohol since it was founded by LDS settlers in 1860.


The restrictive law was changed earlier this month with a 64 percent vote from the residents.


It was a polarizing issue in this town, where everyone knows each other. Opponents argued that seeing alcohol could corrupt children, while backers said sales would increase sales tax revenue.


Tiffany Dehek is the store manager at the Maverik, the only convenience store in Hyde Park, which means it's now also the only place that sells beer. Since the store's shelves were stocked with Coors and Budweiser this week, she says all she's had is positive feedback.


\"Everyone I've talked to seems to support the [new law],\" said Dehek.


Residents we spoke to, even non-drinkers agreed it was time for a change.


\"I don't drink alcohol, but if it could help generate revenue and help with property taxes, I'm all for it,\" said Kevin Wheatley, a Hyde Park resident.


Tiffany says their goal is to make 24-percent of their sales from beer, but she admitted they're not there yet. \"I think many people don't know about it yet,\" said Dehek. \"It's only been a few days.\"


The Maverick store sells 3.2 percent beer. Residents who want liquor or wine will still have to drive to a state liquor store in Logan, five-miles away. 

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