"Nobody rains on our parade": Embezzlement case doesn't stop South Milwaukee parade

NOW: “Nobody rains on our parade“: Embezzlement case doesn’t stop South Milwaukee parade

Saturday morning, thousands of people lined the streets of South Milwaukee for the annual Heritage Days Parade.

Dozens of bands and floats marched through the small city streets, part of a tradition dating back to the 1930's.

But this year, that parade was put in jeopardy, when organizers noticed half their budget was missing. 

Police believe the former treasurer, 36-year-old Emily Ukasick, pocketed more than $17,000 over a 3-year period. 

That left the committee in a deep hole with the parade approaching. 

    "Initially, I think people thought that we didn't do our jobs, which was not the case at all," says Parade Chairperson Julie Casey. "When the news broke, it never stopped the energy level of the committee. Everybody just picked up and said well, we have to do a little more work now!" 

Casey says the community stepped in to help, donating more than $35,000 this year.

    "It was our best parade yet," she says. 

As Ukasick makes her way through the legal system, the parade committee has adopted a new slogan, which Casey was quick to share on a sunny July day. 

    "Nobody rains on our parade," she said. "And look, nobody rained on our parade." 

Ukasick is due back in court in late August. She's pleading not guilty to the felony theft charges. 

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