No Thanksgiving return for Aaron Rodgers

GREEN BAY -- Coach Mike McCarthy said it was unlikely Aaron Rodgers would return from a collarbone injury in time to play on Thanksgiving.

At a Monday briefing Coach said the following when asked about the MVP quarterback:

\"He would like to go. Frankly, based on the information, conversations with Aaron, conversations with the medical staff, I would say he's slim to none. To give you what I'm thinking.\"

Coach was asked if he knew of any photos or x-rays taken recently to indicate how quickly Rodger was healing, but McCarthy said he only knew that there were tests being done, but that details like that would be up to Rodgers to reveal.

Coach insisted they were being careful and were not pushing Rodgers to rush his recovery.

\"He has to practice. There's some physical rehab hurdles he has to get through that he hasn't reached yet. So, it be a huge stress for him to play in this game,\" said McCarthy about the Thursday game in Detroit.

Rodgers suffered a fracture in his left collarbone during a Monday night game against the Chicago Bears Monday, November 4th.


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