No More Cheese for Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback Says

The leader of the cheese heads, Aaron Rodgers, said he's cutting dairy from his diet. Rodgers said it will help him stay in the game as long as possible. He talked with his nutritionist after a knee surgery and made the decision to reduce swelling and to keep his weight down.

Kara Sonntag, registered dietitian at Froedtert Hospital, said, there are some things to keep in mind if people want to follow in Aaron’s footsteps.

"Dairy products are a major source of calcium and Vitamin D,” Sonntag said. “Aaron Rodgers has a very qualified team of nutritionists that he works with and I assume that they addressed those issues. So if your average athlete is looking to reduce dairy, working with their doctor or a dietitian to find other ways to get those nutrients in."

Sonntag also said, “"Professional athletes have very different nutrition needs than the average athlete and for Aaron Rodgers, he had a minor knee surgery so he was trying to reduce the amount of inflammation after that surgery."

State dairy officials responded to this decision. The Wisconsin Dairy Business Association wrote on Facebook, “Really? Does this mean he's no longer a Cheesehead? Come back, Aaron!”

The Wisconsin Farm Business Federation added, “Not really what we wanted to hear during June Dairy Month!”

Patrick Geoghegan with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board said, “Wisconsin dairy farm families, some of Aaron's biggest fans, are all very disappointed to hear that he has decided to follow a vegan diet.  He does need to be careful to consume the important protein and calcium he needs for strong muscles and bones.  He may want to reconsider and add three dairy servings into his daily eating plan to be fit and healthy for the season.  All of his fans want Aaron to win!”

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