No charges yet in case of mistreated dogs in Sheboygan County

NOW: No charges yet in case of mistreated dogs in Sheboygan County


Officials gave an update Friday on a Sheboygan case of animal mistreatment and seizure.

No one has been arrested or charged, but officials say this place had been formally known as Kinship Companion Kennel.

The Sheboygan County Sheriff says they've compiled more than three months of complaints they received on the kennel.

While 37 living dogs were rescue they said they found two large freezers with about 40 dead dogs.

Dogs are not up for adoption since they were seized from private property and are part of an ongoing information. All of the dogs are golden retrievers or Bernese mountain dogs ranging from 8-months-old to 7-years-old.

Jonathan Carroll who worked at the kennel for about three years says his frustration with the animal's horrible living conditions made him quit his job and file a statement to the Sheriff's Office. According to Carroll, the dogs were kept in small kennels and hardly ever taken out and were kept in their own filth with piles of feces.

The director of the Sheboygan County Humane Society says the dogs have improved drastically since last week when they were seized. Some of the dogs didn't even know what a bed was and laid down next to it, other dogs had never been walked on a leash or played with a toy.

The District Attorney says charges could come down next week and they are considering charges of neglect, failure to provide proper food and water, and mistreatment of animals.

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