No Charges for Appleton Police Officer who Shot and Killed Milwaukee Man

NOW: No Charges for Appleton Police Officer who Shot and Killed Milwaukee Man

The Appleton Police officer who accidentally shot and killed 33-year-old Jimmie Sanders will not face charges.

The Outagamie County District Attorney made that announcement today, saying Lt. Jay Steincke acted appropriately while firing his gun inside Jack's Apple Pub on May 21st. 

Officers were called to the downtown bar just before bar close for reports of a fight inside.

Schneider says 33-year-old Henry Nellum fired a gun inside the bar, and then tried to run out.

According to the investigation, Lt. Jay Steincke entered the bar through a side door, firing his gun 4 times. 

One of those shots hit Nellum. A second, hit Sanders. Sanders was an innocent bystander standing nearby.

     “Beyond his control, he was moved from his position of firing," said a Spokesperson for the Green Bay Police Department. "That’s something that’s completely out of his control, and he made a split second decision to end the threat.”

Family members say that explanation isn't good enough.

     "At the end of the day,  I’m not trying to hear wrong place wrong time" says Sanders' Sister Christina Thomas.

     "He was wrongfully shot, and he’s gone. And the person who took him is not being held accountable, and we will not let this get swept under the rug.”

The family is also raising questions about a potential conflict of interest. 

The Green Bay Police Department was the outside agency called in to handle the investigation.

Records show current Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas worked for the Green Bay department for more than 25 years.

He responded to those concerns at a press conference Friday.

     "Our back-up is the D-C-I. The community is going to be looking at several months, to get any answers.”

Sanders' family says they plan on filing charges against the police department. 

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