No bringing beer to Bradford Beach, Milwaukee Parks Department says

NOW: No bringing beer to Bradford Beach, Milwaukee Parks Department says

Several beachgoers spoke out against an apparent sign of rules posted online, saying beer, dogs and taking commercial pictures are banned at Bradford Beach.

"I'm still going to bring my beer down to the beach, it's not going to stop me," Colton Hutchinson said.

"It's really not a beach without the picnics, the dogs," Sharita Long said.

The Milwaukee County Parks Department wanted to clear up that even though all the rules on the online picture are all real rules, that was just a draft of a sign.

"I really do appreciate the feedback from folks, but Milwaukee County Parks working with the sheriff's office has been developing a draft for some signage for Bradford Beach," Parks Director Guy Smith said. 

All the rules on the sign, including no coolers, are already in place. The difference this year, is more police will be enforcing those rules. Especially bringing alcohol, underage drinking and disorderly conduct.

"We want to be family friendly," Smith said. "We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to the beach. We want them to enjoy it."

Smith said the draft of the sign was unclear about banning pictures. Anyone can take personal pictures on their phone at the beach, and it is encouraged. However, if you want to take commercial photographs, such professional wedding pictures, you will need a permit.

While some are upset at this enforcement plan, others say it's a positive change.

"I think trying to keep alcohol and some things off the beach is a good way to for one keep broken glass and everything off the beach, and maybe make it a little safer for some of the families," Leah Stromberg said.

Smith said The Milwaukee County Parks Department is going to consider this feedback and will continue making final signs to put up.

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