'We did it for family': Nino's Italian Bakery to close their doors after 54 years

NOW: ’We did it for family’: Nino’s Italian Bakery to close their doors after 54 years

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- After more than five decades of serving the community, the owners of a popular bakery in Menomonee Falls have decided to close their doors.

Nina and Tony Sgroi started Nino's Italian Bakery in 1968. CBS 58 spoke with the couple who say it was a tough decision to end the business.

"I'm numb right now. It's like everything we built, it's going to... disappear, to just go somewhere," explained the couple.

The bakery is a staple in the community and customers we spoke with are truly going to miss coming in for fresh baked bread or a sweet Italian treat.

Tony says the business wouldn't have been possible without his daughters, who helped make it successful.

"They pitch in. They did what they had to do. They have been working here since they were seven or eight-years-old."

Last year, Tony had a health scare and his children really stepped up to assist their family during the time of need.

CBS 58 spoke with Tony and Nina's daughter, Ann Marie Baier. She says her siblings worked hard to make their parents proud.

"We couldn't have done this if it wasn't for our team. If it wasn't for the four of us working all the time, it would never have happened," said Baier.

Baier says working together as a family was the biggest blessing she and her siblings could have been given. 

"It's just the best thing. We've always been best friends ever since we were kids, that's how it's always been," said Baier.

But now, 54 years of hard work are about to come to a close. Nina and Tony say they're closing their doors on January 16th.

"We finally came to a decision where it got to be too much. We are sad, but there is nothing else we can do," said Sgroi.

Nina says she will miss the little things about her days at the bakery.

"I'll miss coming in and baking the cookies, being with my kids and going home. Now you know.. sad," said Sgroi.

Baier got emotional during the interview with CBS 58 when asked about what she will miss most.

"Being with all the customers and everything. I'm just going to miss it all," said Baier.

Nina & Tony say they're forever grateful for all of the community support over the last five decades.

"It's been a long ride and we do appreciate all the business and all the love that everybody gives us," said Sgroi.

The couple's four daughters say they're looking forward to the next chapter but will miss the service they have provided for so many years.

"I am so glad that we touched so many people's lives that way. I hope they take it that way too. We didn't do it for spite, we did it for family. We have to say goodbye. It's going to hurt us more than they know," said Baier.

You can read the full announcement on their Facebook post here.

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