Newby's free points

NOW: Newby’s free points

"Two dribbles, little spin."

It's all about the routine.

"Deep breath, focus where I want to shoot the ball at. Get to my shot pocket. And then I release."

Since middle school, Milwaukee Panthers guard Donovan Newby has been perfecting the free throw.

"I just go back mentally to late nights when I was training and had to make 10 out of 10. It started off with my dad. He always told me to shoot while I'm tired so that's a great way to end a workout."

Last year he set the Panthers' all-time record for free throw percentage. He's even above the Milwaukee Bucks career record.

"If that’s a fact then I'm doing something right then."

Free throws are the rare individual skill in a team game. Focus is the key.

"A lot of it is in your head. Some people can't handle the pressure at the line by yourself. Being able to knock down free throws consistently. It's definitely a mental game."

Donovan tells me that on the road when fans wave their arms and yell, he just tunes it all out. And waits to hear the swish of the net. He's shooting 90.6 percent this year. That would be the sixth best in the NBA. Scott Grodsky, CBS 58 Sports

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