New Study Finds Trucks Have Worst Headlights on the Roads

A new study found some of the worst headlights out on the road come from the vehicles that can do the most damage in a crash.

A Ram 1500 is the 10th pick up truck Tom Evans has owned, but he said the headlights are not like the others.

"It's supposed to be more direct beam, spotlight effect. These seem to be diffused out a little bit,” said Evans.

The lights on Evans' vehicle got a marginal rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The group evaluated 11 of the most popular pick-up trucks.

Researchers tested the amount of light a truck provides as it travels straight and on curves.

 This video shows the Honda Ridgeline.  It was the only vehicle to earn a good rating.

The Chevrolet Colorado was at the bottom of the list for clear visibility.

Some headlights even properly aimed aren't going to provide a wide enough distribution of light across the road to allow drivers to see what they need to. Researchers say poorly designed headlights can also create dangerous conditions for drivers in oncoming traffic. That is because the headlights cause a glare that may temporarily blind other drivers.

IIHS also factored in the trucks' high beams, led lights, and reflectors.

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