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New Look For Severe Storm Risk

I would like to point your attention to the new updated severe weather outlooks from the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center. In the past, on days where severe weather is a possibility, you would see meteorologists show you those risks areas in three categories of slight, moderate or high risk for severe storms. Recently, the National Weather Service fine tuned the way those forecasts are provided to give a more detailed look at the chance for severe weather and added a few new terms to the outlook. Now, within the \"slight\" risk is also an \"enhanced\" area. It's still considered to be in the slight risk category, but it shows within that slight risk what areas are more likely to see severe storms.  The moderate and high risks have been left unchanged. And where forecasters would see an outlined area labeled \"see text\" to talk more in depth of the potential of generally non-severe storms, that area has also been given the label of \"marginal\" for risk of severe storm chances. Here's a look at how the maps will look moving forward.\"\"

Here's the complete story on this new way of delivering severe weather coverage from the National Weather Service: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/dy1-3example/

This weekend we are going to be monitoring storm development both weekend days with warm and humid conditions in place. As a cold front is poised to approach the area and interact with the heat and humidity on Sunday, a few stronger storms may fire. Right now the best timing for this appears to be the afternoon and early evening.  Here's my latest forecast: http://www.cbs58.com/clip/11499568/friday-morning-forecast

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via social media or email with any weather questions.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld
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