New Jersey Woman Suing Brewers after Being Hit by Foul Ball

A New Jersey woman is suing the Milwaukee Brewers for injuries she suffered from a foul ball back in 2014. An attorney for Dana Morelli filed the suit in Milwaukee County at the beginning of August.

Morelli told CBS 58 over the phone the team didn't do enough to protect her.

Morelli was hit just under her eye during a game back in 2014. She told CBS 58 she couldn't work full time until the middle part of 2015.

When CBS 58 reached out to the Brewers for comment they said, "We do not comment on or discuss details pertaining to any ongoing legal proceedings."

Another woman suffered serious injuries after being hit by a foul ball during a Brewers game in 2015. Laura Turek was also hit in the eye and has had several surgeries since then.

A third woman was treated last week after also being hit by a foul ball.

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