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New Berlin seniors make a special trip back to their elementary school

A sweet tradition at the end of the school year in New Berlin.

Graduating high school seniors tour the city's elementary schools in full cap and gown while the younger kids line the hallways and clap.

This tradition gives the grade school kids a look into the future and it makes the teens and teachers nostalgic.

"Kinda takes you back to like the good old days in elementary school when life was really simple," said New Berlin West Senior Katey Devine.

"Yeahhhh, it just makes me feel great that these kids have come so far and walking through the halls it actually, it's an emotional experience for me," said Kindergarten teacher Colleen Muench. 

We asked a couple of the seniors if they had any advice for the younger kids as they look ahead to high school and they said to "enjoy it."

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