New Berlin father's dying message to children as they remember him Father’s Day

NOW: New Berlin father’s dying message to children as they remember him Father’s Day

NEW BERLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Instead of cards, balloons are helping three New Berlin children get their Father’s Day message to their dad this year. Even though their father has left this world, he didn’t leave without a final message of his own.

The Diompy family spent their first Father’s Day without their dad writing on balloons. His three children, Leia, 10; Jude, 6; and Zaina, 5; wrote messages like ‘I love you and’ ‘I miss you.’ Zaina drew a picture of herself on the balloon for her dad.

“We wanted to talk to our dad that we hope he has a Happy Father’s Day,’ six-year-old Jude said.

Doctors told Christian Diompy he had weeks to live before he lost his battle to cancer in April.

“I think that was kind of shocking because we always thought if anyone's going to beat this it will be him,” Christian’s wife Christine Diompy said.

The day before Christian left his wife’s arms forever she told him it was OK to let go.

“I said you fought really hard, I'm proud of everything he's done and he's strong,” Christine said. “I'm going to take care of the kids and that it was OK.”

Christian did not leave this world without a final gift, an hour-long video message sharing advice with his three children.

“I would like you to be very respectful.” Christian also shared how much he loved them. “I love you all, I love you differently, and you will always have a place in my heart.”

Christian has already inspired his children since passing.

"He would always say take off your training wheels," young Zaina said. 

This Father’s Day Zaina is riding her bike without training wheels with her mom by her side.

“What’d you say daddy was?” Christine said. “The wind pushing behind you.”

Wind now carries their Father’s Day message to the man they miss dearly, as they release their balloons into the air Sunday afternoon. 

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy,” the children chant. “We miss you.”

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