New Berlin family focusing on positive after multiple tragedies, daughter's cancer diagnosis

NOW: New Berlin family focusing on positive after multiple tragedies, daughter’s cancer diagnosis

NEW BERLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A New Berlin family is sharing their story of tragedy and resilience with CBS 58.

Last year, over a seven-month period, they had several heartbreaking moments -- including their youngest child being diagnosed with cancer.

2021 was not kind to Cassie and Erik Daniels.

"We met when we were really young. We busted our butts to get where we are today. We built our forever home and then it all just came crashing down," Cassie said.

2021 was also unkind to their four children.

Last May, Erik fell from a 20-foot ladder while working on their new home with their son Avery.

Weeks later, in July, Avery, 20, died in his sleep.

"Just when you think things can't get worse, five months to the day that Avery donated his organs, then we got the news that Taylor had Leukemia," Cassie said.

Taylor was diagnosed with cancer when she was four years old.

She's since turned five, and right now, the family's biggest focus is on her health.

It's been tough for Taylor, but her parents say she's adjusting to chemotherapy.

"In our hearts and minds it was like, this little girl was just doing gymnastics stuff on a mat," Erik said.

Erik is back to work, but has delayed his remaining surgeries.

Cassie, a nurse practitioner is on leave until April.

"Putting her life at risk is just not in the cards," Cassie said.

For now, Cassie's insurance is helping cover Taylor's expenses.

But with all that's happened, she's says she's exhausted her family and medical leave time.

"And then when this happened with Taylor, you have nothing left. You have no vacation time left. You have zero options," she explained.

There has been some good news for the family.

Taylor was accepted this month into an experimental cancer medication trial through Children's Hospital of Wisconsin -- which she'll be in through June.

On Sunday, Feb. 27, friends of the Daniels' are hosting a fundraiser/raffle for Taylor.

It'll be at Pistol Pete's Pizza in Brookfield at noon.

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