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New Berlin couple files lawsuit against women for allegedly scamming husband with dementia out of thousands

NEW BERLIN (CBS 58) – A New Berlin couple filed a lawsuit that alleges two women coerced the husband into buying thousands of dollars’ worth of items including two homes.

James Krahn bought homes, appliances and a car for two women over the course of two years.

These purchases were made before he was diagnosed with dementia in July of 2018.

According to the suit, the two women were aware of “Krahn’s financial abilities and recognized his age, illness and mental degeneration.”

It all started in October 2016 when Krahn met the first woman Barbara Meyer-Spidell at a George Webb in New Berlin.

Meyer-Spidell spent time with Krahn and his family on multiple occasions. But Mrs. Krahn was not aware of the $210,000 New Berlin home or the Toyota 4-Runner purchase.

Krahn met the second woman in February 2018. Tosha Yoshimura met Krahn at his home and said she was a door to door paint sales representative.

In the suit, it states, “At the meeting, Yoshimura exposed herself to Krahn and offered sexual activity in exchange for money or other items.”

The two continued to meet up.

In April of 2018, Yoshimura told Krahn she needed a place to live. The next month, Krahn paid for a home in West Allis for about $159,000.

Krahn also financed appliances and furniture for the West Allis property. But Krahn and Yoshimuro stopped talking in July, the same month he was diagnosed with Dementia.

Krahn’s attorneys are seeking the homes to be turned over and the refund or return of the items.

CBS 58 reached out to both women about these allegations but has not heard back. 

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