New Apple podcast 'Run, Bambi, Run' looks at one of the most scandalous crimes in Milwaukee history

NOW: New Apple podcast ’Run, Bambi, Run’ looks at one of the most scandalous crimes in Milwaukee history

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Run, Bambi, Run is a new podcast that is jumping up the charts on Apple Podcasts. It's the story of Laurie Bembenek-- a Playboy bunny turned Milwaukee police officer, turned convicted murderer and runaway convict.

"If you enjoy partying, sleeping around, debauchery and general misbehavior, I got to tell you something. The 1980 Milwaukee police department was the place to be. And that's where Bambi, a sassy 21-year-old recruit, found herself."

It's an enticing start to the 8 episode true crime Apple Original podcast series.

The host of Run Bambi Run, Vanessa Grigoriadis from Campside Media joined CBS 58 on Tuesday, April 19 to tell us more about the riveting story that took place in Milwaukee in the late 1970s, early 80s. 

"There's still a question of whether she was the villain in this drama or if she was the victim," Grigoriadis said. "and I think people are fascinated by unsolved cases."

Bembenek's story is the kind Girgoriadis is drawn to.

"I tend to write about female characters. People who are bold and sort of live outside the boundaries of how women should be and Laurie really fits into that." she said. "She got painted as a femme fatale. Now whether she was, in some ways, a femme fatale or she was a dyed in wool feminist who wanted to be a cop and equal to men is one of the questions of the podcast."

New episodes come out on Monday mornings.

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