Nessie, a blind cow in Beloit, is in the running for America's favorite pet

NOW: Nessie, a blind cow in Beloit, is in the running for America’s favorite pet

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The Dairy State could soon be home to America's favorite pet. A contestant in the National PAWS Competition lives on a farm in Beloit. 

"A lot of people don't rescue farm animals because most of them are used for meat or something like that, or milk, but they can be a companion as well."

Meet Nessie, a 5-year-old blind cow who was taken in after being abandoned along with a deaf goat. 

Now, Nessie's owner says she serves as an inspiration to everyone who hears about her story.

"The little things that are going on that are upsetting me, I go -- you know, it's really not that bad. It could be worse. She's got a good spirit about it, so why shouldn't I?"

If Nessie wins this year's competition, her owners say they plan to use the $10,000 prize to expand and improve her pen. 

The contest is still in the first round, until Sept. 29, with polls open for final voting through the end of October. 

The winner also gets a two-page spread in In Touch magazine.

To vote for Nessie, click here

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