Neighbors & community leaders react to shooting at MPD District 5

NOW: Neighbors & community leaders react to shooting at MPD District 5

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police are investigating what led to a gunman entering a Milwaukee police station and shooting at officers Friday afternoon at MPD District 5 on W. Locust Street. 

CBS 58 spoke with several neighbors who live nearby. They say they're used to the sound of gunshots but the fact that this happened inside of the MPD District 5's lobby has shaken their confidence. 

On Saturday afternoon, red crime scene tape could still be found outside the lobby at MPD District 5. Neighbors heard the shooting occur. 

"It was a lot back to back. You could tell somebody was shooting really close by," said Orlando Smith. 

Police say a 23-year-old suspect left the lobby on foot. Officers chased after him, shooting and hitting him several times. He was taken into custody about a block away. He was then taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

The shooting happened at the same location 20-year-old Keishon Thomas died on Wednesday, Feb. 23 while in police custody after needing medical attention in jail. MPD says officers conducted several cell checks. As a result, the three officers involved were suspended for their roles in Thomas's death. Several reports on social media claim the two incidents could be connected, but police have yet to confirm that. 

CBS 58 spoke with a man whose lived across the street from the station for several years. He's always felt safe living there but says this incident shook his confidence. 

"If they're going to the police station and start shooting up the police station then that means they don't care where they go. So yeah you know it did a little bit I am being more careful and more cautious with my family," said Tony Sellers. 

Former Alderman and current mayoral candidate Bob Donovan says he's concerned for the community. 

"The innocent people that were in there and could have been killed, just unbelievable. But as I say that's the chaos we're dealing with."  

Chaos, acting mayor Cavalier Johnson says is currently in the hands of an independent investigator. In the meantime, neighbors and leaders want two things. A higher level of community engagement and support for police.  

"They need to come up with a way to come up with more young people into something positive because if they don’t all they do is something negative," said Sellers. 

"Hundreds of officers need to be restored. So that we can begin the process of restoring order and stability to our streets and neighborhoods," said Donovan. 

Seven officers were involved in the shooting. None of them were injured. They range in age from 27 to 41-years-old. Each of them has at least four years of service with the department. Police told CBS 58 West Allis is the leading investigating agency. They expect to release more information from MPD if and when the DA issues charges.

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