Neighbors call Adam Novak of West Allis the "King of Halloween" for his decorations

NOW: Neighbors call Adam Novak of West Allis the “King of Halloween“ for his decorations

He's the unofficial "King of Halloween" and he lives in West Allis.

Adam Novak admits he's a bit obsessed when it comes to Halloween.

Each year his family adds more and more stuff that now his home at 98th and Montana in West Allis has been dubbed "Novak Manor."

It even has its own facebook page where visitors post messages and photos of their visits.

"We have a lot of people that come," Novak tells CBS 58 News. "I'll sit there on the weekends especially, talking with people 20 minutes at a time, sharing stories. We met a couple down the block with the same last name. It's great to see how people are excited about it."
Novak says the lights are on from dusk to dawn.

You have to visit by Halloween.

That's when everything disappears.

Novak doesn't live too far away from the legendary Candy Cane Lane.

"Being so close to Candy Cane Lane we're used to that connection around Christmas time. But not Halloween."

He's hoping to change that and invites anyone to stop by and say BOO!!!


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