Neighbor launches GoFundMe for Greenfield homeowner in need of new roof

NOW: Neighbor launches GoFundMe for Greenfield homeowner in need of new roof

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A concerned neighbor is trying to help raise money for a Greenfield man in desperate need of a new roof. 

Cory Talaska lives near the home and says she would drive by it every week. She noticed the roof needed major repairs. One day, she decided to take action. She got out of her car and approached the home. She knocked on the door and asked the homeowner if he needed any help getting a new roof.

"I just couldn't keep driving by without doing something about it anymore. He's fallen into some hard times with COVID and some heath issues. Just trying to get back on his feet with a full-time job, he's working part-time now. He is slowly saving up for a roof but it's hard with everything that keeps knocking you down," explained Talaska. 

Talaska had a tarp put on the home as a temporary fix. However, strong winds ripped it off and now the roof is back to square one. 

Talaska decided to start a GoFundMe to get the homeowner, David, a new roof. She also created a video on YouTube to get the word out. 

"He was shocked I was doing this out of the goodness in my heart," said Talaska. 

She's raised about $1,300 so far but needs the community's help to get the job done. 

"I was trying to raise $10,000 because as you can see, a piece of siding just flew off as we started. It broke my heart to see that it's been like this for so long. And I know that Milwaukee is a strong community and we come together for our community a lot. I figured why not try, the least I can do is try."

If you'd like to donate head to this link: Fundraiser by Cory Talaska : Help Fix Our Neighbor's Roof (

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