EXCLUSIVE: NBA Legend Bob Dandridge surprises kids at Milwaukee's Moody Park

EXCLUSIVE: NBA Legend Bob Dandridge surprises kids at Milwaukee’s Moody Park

Bob Dandridge of the 1971 NBA Championship Bucks often says he became a man in Milwaukee.

So, whenever he's in town he tries to do something to help other young people transition and prepare for adulthood.

His work to mentor young people in our inner cities garnered him the "Legends Award" at the upcoming Milwaukee Fellowship Open.

But before the event, he surprised the kids with NOVA High School and Team Pepp Summer Basketball programs at Moody Park.

Usually these stops are kept quiet.

But because CBS 58 has been a long time supporter of the golf outing, the awards ceremony emcee Michele McCormack was given a rare invite to tag along with Dandridge.

The Fellowship Open is the largest fundraiser of its kind to help children in our most challenged neighborhoods.

Its mission is in keeping with Dandridge's own personal goal to send home the message about the importance of education.

"Racism has always existed," replied Dandridge when asked about the current strife in our country over cultural differences. "The key is education and be multi-cultured. My life got easier when I realized you don't have to be like me, but I must be able to communicate with people from all cultures."

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