Nativity scene comes to life in Shorewood

SHOREWOOD-For nearly two decades, every Christmas Eve, parishioners at St. Robert's have volunteered countless hours to bring the nativity to life.

They dress in authentic costumes and bring in live animals for a real time depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ. It even includes a real baby.

Volunteers tell CBS 58 News they hope all who come to cast their gaze upon the manger will get some sense of the first Christmas and also feel the goodness of our community today.

It's also fun.

\"We all get to grow beards so they can tell us from the donkeys,\" joked Gary Nosacek. \"We just have a good time here. We invite the whole neighborhood. Everybody comes from Riverwest, the east side, all over the North Shore. It's just a great celebration of Christmas Eve.\"


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