National Weather Service investigates tornado damage near Germantown

The National Weather Service out of Sullivan, Wisconsin will investigate the damage near Germantown Tuesday. 

They'll work with local leaders to determine where damage reports came in and then check those out.  The weather service has seen a lot of video of the storm. Much like you're seeing here. People caught the tornado on camera Monday. 

Tim Halbach from the National Weather Service says EF-0 and EF-1 tornadoes are pretty common in Wisconsin. He says there's a definite difference between a normal thunderstorm with high winds and a tornado.

\"With straight lines winds it looks just like all the trees have been pushed down,\" Halbach, a warning coordinator meteorologist, said.  

\"With a tornado, a lot more of the debris has been lofted or chopped up. It's more of a path with a tornado which is what we're expecting to see with this.\"

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