Naked man on LSD hits police cars before chase

It's like something out of an action movie. A driver, police say was high on LSD led police on a chase down Waukesha's streets, narrowly missing Carroll College employees.
Captain Ron Oremus says, \"I truly believe that if this guy had come five seconds later they would've been dealing with a double fatal at that point.\"

But that wasn't all of it, soon after the truck driver pulls a u-turn taunting police one last time

\"Comes right at the officer clips of the side of the officers car and continues on the pursuit.\"

Soon out of control the man hits a guard rail flipping the truck. Still, he's able to get out of the car, and gives officers one last \"surprise.\"

\"As soon as they get on scene you can see a naked guy walk within a couple seconds walking from the vehicle\"

Naked, with a bleeding face, the driver is finally taken into custody.

Captain Ron Oremus says, \"Other than his injuries nobody was injured in this incident which were very fortunate about.\"

He's expected to be charged tomorrow and police believe a domestic fight with his girlfriend is what prompted his rage.

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